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Shounen Cheezer and Shojo Neko's Millenium
Why Chibiusa's Evil


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Why Chibiusa's Evil
The Downfall of Disney
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In Sailor Moon, there is a character so evil, so scary, and so pink, she has annoyed many fans of the anime. That character is none other than Chibiusa! The sheer name strikes horror... Anyway, we are going to give you the reasons why she is so evil. For starters, she'll kill you with her crescent moon mark of death!

This is Sailor ChibiMoon, as her true evil self!

Here are some pages that will show you her evil. But think before you click. You don't know how evil the pink spore can be!

I hope you enjoy our links about the evil spore! But remember, this site is just for fun. Chibiusa isn't really evil(or is she?).