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Shounen Cheezer and Shojo Neko's Millenium
Nokomis Pig
Why Chibiusa's Evil
The Downfall of Disney
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Hello, and welcome to my site. I am Shounen Cheezer, creator of this site. Shojo Neko is also in part responsible for this site. We are both happy you are here. Enjoy our site!

This site is basically about humor. Some things here may contain private jokes you don't understand, but it doesn't really matter. So far, we have two pages featuring the Evil of Chibiusa, a site about the Downfall of Disney, and a Nokomis Pig site! Of course, the Nokomis Pig site isn't finshed, but soon it will be furnished with stories, galleries, and more!

Shounen Cheezer, what's wrong with your eye?
And what does updating have to do with it?

And in case you were wondering, shounen means "boy" in Japanese, and shojo means "girl" in Japanese.


This site is for humor only. Don't take us too seriously, except for Nokomis Pig. Always take Furry Soldiers seriously!