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Shounen Cheezer and Shojo Neko's Millenium
Reasons Why Chibiusa's Evil


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Why Chibiusa's Evil
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Why Chibiusa Is Evil:

Chibiusa is not unlike the average image of a devil, in her appearence anyway. Without adding anything to Chibiusa that's not already there(such as fangs, though I often depict her with fangs), I will go over the similarites between her and the average image of a devil. For one thing, Chibiusa has two tall, pink, horn-like odangos on her head. Many devils have two horns on their heads. Chibiusa has red eyes, and I've seen quite a few devils with red eyes as well. Chibiusa's color as a Sailor Senshi is pink. Her sailor fuku is pink, and her hair is pink. Just about every devil I've seen is red, or very, very, very intense pink. And lastly, everything Chibiusa uses to attack enemies with (such as a wand) is pink. And, if I'm not mistaken, aren't devils usually seen with red pitchforks? Think of them as long, pointy wands...

Now that you know about how she looks evil, lets see how she acts evil. First of all, she's a brat. She plays many harmless tricks. She once even tried to poison the inner senshis' tea! Luna P magic indeed! That's her witchcraft, you know! And what about her sexual behavior? The very first time she saw Mamoru (in the past, before he was her father), she stared at him in a sexual way. And I know she later goes about kissing him. Although she kisses him as Black Lady, she only waited until she became Black Lady to act upon her sexual desires and wildest fantasies. Later, she even starts kissing a horse! Yes, Pegasus is really a boy who turns into a horse, but she doesn't know he's a boy until later. She even blushes around him, a sign of sexual attraction in anime. And, after all that sick sexual behavior, who do we see her kissing in the SuperS movie? Peruru? A fairy?! My God! Will she ever stop? Good thing Helios didnt see her. Actually, thats a bad thing because if he did find out, he'd turn into a winged horse and butt her with his golden horn. Hopefully she won't repel the attack with Moon Gorgeous Meditation, or in her case, Moon Prematurely Sexually Active Disgustingly Cute Meditation!

Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!
Ew! This is just nasty! Good thing I censored it!

She not only spreads evil to those in the manga and anime, but to the viewers too! "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!", and I don't mean from Usagi. Who wants to see a naked girl prancing around while pink sparkly hearts turn into her fuku? I know I don't! At least with "Moon Crisis, Make-Up!" Usagi was there to lesson the brat's sick, naked power. But in the last part of the henshin, did Chibi-Moon forget Sailor Moon was her mother when she gave her that kiss?! Well, lesbianism isnt wrong to me, except when it's a mother getting frenched by her daughter! Okay, maybe Im exaggerating a little. It wasnt a french kiss, but... She already tried that with Mamoru, so perhaps the little spore is bisexual!

And, I know it doesn't work all the time, but Pink Sugar Heart Attack is just a little strange. Im okay with the name, though I'd be worried if someone gave me a bowl of pink sugar. But heart attacks are no laughing matter, and I'm sure if you eat enough sugar you can get one! It blasted the vines of Telulu once! And why are her sugary hearts often aimed at the Daimon's asses? The only heart attack I wanna get is from Moon Spiral Heart Attack (which only kills Daimons or Snow Dancers), where the hearts dont look all gay and sugary. Although, I do love sugar...ha! Thats how she gets you! Chibi-Usa knows people love sugar, and she'll let you have her sugar...her blood red sugar hearts...she'll let you eat them...until you die! Think people! Each of those little hearts is fifteen calories! And they keep shooting from that little pink moon stick of hers...until someone takes it from her and breaks it into pieces...but don't do that...otherwise it may mean Angry Moon Bloody Massacre Attack!

Moon Crisis, Make-Up!
Chibiusa, your mom doesn't like you that way...

These are the reasons that have made Shojo Neko and I come to the conclusion that Chibiusa is evil. And there may even be more reasons...