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Shounen Cheezer and Shojo Neko's Millenium
Gallery of Sailor ChibiMoon's Evil


Nokomis Pig
Why Chibiusa's Evil
The Downfall of Disney
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Chibiusa can (unfortunately) transform into a Sailor Senshi, Sailor ChibiMoon. Here is a gallery of her evil henshin items and weapons. Notice how they are cute, yet evil!


And that's just the S season! In the SuperS season, Sailor ChibiMoon becomes Super Sailor ChibiMoon! Great, now the evil little brat's even more powerful...


Here's a picture of her using the pink moon stick to blast out evil, bloody hearts of death! This attack isn't seen very often. She only uses "Red Blood Heart Attack!" when she's really angry and she reveals just how evil she can be.


As if that wasn't scary enough, more pictures may be coming soon!