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The Downfall of Disney


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The Downfall of Disney
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Once upon a time, there was a good man who founded a wonderful, family oriented company. Then he died, and an evil man turned the company into a billion dollar, money sucking business.

To tell you the truth, I do not hate the Disney company. I only hate some things about it. I hate how they have forgotten the importance of family and morals, that the customers matter, not the cash, and I hate Michael Eisner who's turned the wholesome enterprise into an expensive crap factory. Disney is a booming company that has gotten bigger by crushing many smaller companies. Ever expanding, this once magical, entertaining, family oriented business has become something it's original founder would cry at, if he were alive today.

I Wonder Who This is Supposed to Be...
Could it be...Michael Eisner?

But, as many fans, or former fans know, the Disney company wasn't always like this. Walt Disney, a boy who grew up on a farm, who once painted a pig with tar, who once dressed as Abraham Lincoln and recited the Gettysburg Address to his class, and who once lost newly bought boots in an incident involving a bleeding foot, started the Walt Disney company. It was his dream to make family entertainment that not only children, but adults, would enjoy. And he did exactly that. He produced the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie in 1928. He also produced the first full length animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937. He is a pioneer in classic American animation, and actually, is a pioneer in general animation, for that matter. But most importantly, he had good, Christian values, which he integrated into many, if not all, of his films. His films were suitable for young audiences, while still entertaining enough to charm older audiences, too. His films were also high in quality, which is something that to this day the company still has maintained. Quality. But, what Walt didn't know was that his animators may not have really liked Walt's ideas about family and morals.

Why Cats Shouldn't Eat Mice
Or at least one in a Disney movie!

It is now a new time. Walt Disney is dead, and Michael Eisner has taken over. Eisner has done many things that Disney would not have even dreamed of doing. He has created sequels to many of Disney's movies, many of them now premiering only on video(I wonder why? Could they be...crappy?), when Walt Disney himself said that he stood firmly on no sequels. He has paid more attention to the special effects and technological wonders in a movie rather than good plots or character development. Disney always made quality movies with good, heart-warming stories. Eisner has even skipped many Christian values in his films. Sure, The Little Mermaid was a great film, but Ariel gets to live happily ever after by disobeying her father and selling her soul to a witch? You see what I'm getting at. And Eisner has also milked every bit of merchandise he can out of many of the company's movies. I mean, there's Mickey Mouse soap! I wouldn't be surprised to, someday, see Mickey Mouse condoms! In fact, at the greedy rate Eisner is progressing, I wouldn't be all that flabbergasted if the greedy jerk changed the Disney company to Eisner Enterprises! But even though he hasn't done that(yet), Walt must be spinning in his grave about what's happened to his company so far.

Why Does Mickey Always Wear Gloves?
Oh, that's why...

However, some people have a real hate for the things Eisner has done that aren't really that bad. Disney is giving certain benefits to homosexuals. Why this is, I have no idea. People are saying that because of this Disney is unchristian and bad. They say that Disney is no longer family oriented with good morals, and this is true, but what is wrong is that it is not all this gay stuff that is making Disney unchristian and immoral. Some tourists were visiting with their kids, and were horrified to see two men kissing. Now, Im sure the parents would not be nearly as upset as they were if they had seen a guy and a girl kissing. Hmmmm...I wonder why? Could these tourists have been...straight tourists? Straight Christian tourists? I wouldn't doubt it. I bet they covered their children's eyes to prevent them from seeing the two gay lovers. Why? Because they didn't want their children to get any ideas. Because I'm sure if their kids turned out to be gay, the parents would be quick to say they had no children. I hope those kids do turn out to be gay, to antagonize their damn straight parents!

I Think This Pretty Much Somes Up How I Feel...
Don't you agree?

So, basically, I think the Disney company used to be cool, but now it's magically turned into crap.