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Shounen Cheezer and Shojo Neko's Millenium
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Shounen Cheezer's girlfriend, Sailor Kitty, runs a Web site of her own. To help her with her site, as a loving boyfriend, I've decided to make animated GIFs of Sailor ChibiMoon, and perhaps other Sailor Senshi as well.

This is a web page that I, Shounen Cheezer, have made for Sailor Kitty. It contains the animated GIFs I made. These GIFs are only for Sailor Kitty, so please do not take them. If you absolutely must have some of these GIFs, please e-mail Shounen Cheezer about it.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack!
ChibiMoon's pretty useless attack...

Most of the animated GIFs here are of Sailor ChibiMoon, but animated GIFs of the other Sailor Senshi may be added later. Oh, and here's a message for Sailor Kitty, from Shounen Cheezer: I love you, Sailor Kitty.