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Gallery of GIFs
Sailor Kitty's Download Center

Sailor Kitty runs her own Web Site, Sailor ChibiMoon's Sanctuary. This site is where I, her boyfriend, post the animated GIFs I have made for her site. Most of the GIFs here are of Sailor ChibiMoon, but GIFs of the other Sailor Senshi may be added later.

Hey, Sailor Kitty! I hope you like the site so far. It'll be furnished with more stuff later. Sorry I don't have much right now, but it'll get better! Oh, and...I love you!!!

Here's the first of the GIFs. This is Pink Sugar Heart Attack!


This GIFs are meant only for Sailor Kitty and her Web site. Please do not take them if you are not her. If you really want some of the GIFs, please e-mail me about it.